• "Mad Dog" Cain

    So I was wondering which of these two "steroid" enhanced villians is stronger? In the first appearance of each, the strongest Team member, Superboy, stood no chance against either. In fact they were similarly defeated by Aqualad with a combination of water and electricity. Now, I heard/read that Kobra Venom is three times stronger than Bane Venom and permenent. However, this does not compare Mammoth(Kobra Venom) and Blockbuster (Blockbuster formula). I want to say that mammoth "should" be stronger based on the fact that it was a project to combine Blockbuster formula and Venom. I don't see the point in doing so if the result would be the same or weaker than the already made Blockbuster formula. In the most recent episode "Usual Suspects," …

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