• "its just gonna keep hapening" sounds like an invitation to an edit war, which is counter-productive. I'm more inclined to protect the page for one month than to indulge this. Also, your attitude should be towards improving your edits, rather than stubbornly putting them back and expecting someone else to clean it up. Also, downright disregard of our policies is usually interpreted as vandalism.

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    • i realise what your saying thats why i didn't just repost what i put there. but i still think that something about red arrow should be installed in the cheshire part of the relationships. and about the improving edits thing as you can tell i'm not that good at grammer and i know thats not a good exuse but i have no way of improving. sorry

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    • I understand that, but you can't expect everyone to fix them for you every time. More often than not, you may find your edits reversed, and undoing them won't do anyone any good.

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    • remember what i said about not being good at grammer? by that i mean when i post somehing that is not that good i don't see anything wrong with it and i aplogise for that. i mean look at what i wrote i'm sure that there are alot of things wrong but i just don't see them.

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    • an anonymous contributor
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