Shelly Longshadow is Tye Longshadow's mother.

Physical appearance

Shelly is a middle-aged Mescalero Apache woman with black hair and grayish brown eyes. She is of medium height, with a slender figure and a smooth, heart-shaped face. Her hair is pulled back into a low ponytail style, and she has purple oval hoop earrings on both ears.

Shelly's attire consists entirely of drab-colored clothing; she wears a grayish green buttoned-up blouse over a white shirt, pale blue pants, and white slip-on shoes.


Early life

Shelly was married to the head of a band of Mescalero Apache, and they had a son together, Tye. Her husband died, leaving her a young widow.[3]

Some time later, she had a new boyfriend, Maurice Bodaway. Maurice and Tye did not get along very well.[4]


El Paso
February 19, post-10:06 MST

After Tye threatened to run away after another altercation with Maurice, Shelly was certain he would return. She thought he was staying with his grandfather Holling. When Jaime came in to check on his friend's disappearance, Shelly told him not to worry.[4]



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