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September 5, 2010[nb 1] is the fifth day in the month of September 2010.


  • 02:32 EEST: Superboy and Miss Martian with the Sphere met with the rest of the Team at the Bio-Ship, parked at the Bialya-Qurac border, who were tending to Aqualad. Psimon reported his mission to the Light where the extraterrestrial sphere that Psimon and the Bailyans were experimenting on was sent by the Light's newest partner from another world.[1]
  • 19:12 EDT: At the Cave, Artemis, Robin and Kid Flash are on their way home. After they leave, Aqualad invites Superboy and Miss Martian to accompany him to Atlantis.[2]


  1. Series producer Greg Weisman stated that even though the series does not have a "canon year", the production team based the days of the week on the 2010 calendar. (Weisman, Greg (2011-11-18). Question #13695. Ask Greg. Retrieved 2011-11-18.).

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