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Selena Gonzalez (d. July 9, 2010) was the Chief Executive Officer of Farano Enterprises, a company that once did business with Project Cadmus. She was put up for assassination by the League of Shadows.

Physical appearance

Selena Gonzalez was a Hispanic woman in her late thirties, considered by some—Kid Flash in particular—to be good looking. She had brown eyes and black hair that went to her shoulders.



Central City
July 9, 19:54 CDT

Late at work, Gonzalez was attacked by Black Spider and Hook. Robin, Kid Flash, and Aqualad intervened but were captured. They came to, tied upside down in Gonzalez' office.[2] Once they escaped, Kid Flash was tasked with keeping Gonzalez safe.

While the trio confronted and defeated the Hook and Black Spider, Gonzalez disappeared and fled the corporate headquarters. At least one other agent of the League of Shadows was waiting outside and assassinated her. Robin, Kid Flash, and Aqualad searched her home and her family's in vain. Reports speculated Gonzalez' disappearance was connected to the arrest of Hook and Black Spider. The trio realized the truth after gathering at Mount Justice.[3]



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