Season one of Young Justice first aired its pilot on November 26, 2010, and began its episodic run on January 7, 2011. The finale aired on April 21, 2012. It is succeeded by season two, retitled Young Justice: Invasion, which debuted on April 28, 2012.


In Young Justice, being a teenager means proving yourself over and over—to peers, parents, teachers, mentors and, ultimately, to yourself. But what if you're not just a normal teenager? What if you're a teenage super hero? Are you ready to join the ranks of the great heroes and prove you're worthy of the Justice League? That's exactly what the members of Young Justice—Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Superboy, Miss Martian and Artemis—will find out, whether they have what it takes to be a proven hero. This exciting adventure series is produced by Warner Bros. Animation and based upon characters from DC Comics. Sam Register (Teen Titans, Batman: The Brave and the Bold) is the executive producer. Brandon Vietti (Batman: Under the Red Hood, The Batman) and Greg Weisman (Gargoyles, The Spectacular Spider-Man) are the producers.

Major plot lines

  • Five young heroes—Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Superboy and Miss Martian—form a covert ops team to undertake covert operations on behalf of the Justice League.
  • Speedy parts ways with his mentor, after an unsuccessful, long yearned induction in the Justice League. He goes solo as "Red Arrow" and refuses joining the Team.
  • An ominous and mysterious super-villain group called "the Light" is operating behind the scenes and procuring several means for unspecified purposes. The Team often runs interference with their operation without realizing it.
  • Superboy is a weapon created by Cadmus and his nature and purpose is not fully understood.
  • Kid Flash is infatuated with Miss Martian.
  • Red Tornado is being targeted by T.O. Morrow.
  • Aqualad becomes the leader of the Team, albeit with some reserve.
  • Artemis, a heroine with a mysterious past and dubious connections, becomes the sixth member of the Team.
  • There are suspicions of the existence of a mole within the Team.
  • The Team rescues and adopts a sentient Sphere with mysterious origins and capabilities.
  • Superboy and Miss Martian develop a romantic relationship. They decide to keep it from their teammates, but over time they eventually become aware of it.
  • The heroes gradually become aware of the cooperation of super villains for unknown purposes.
  • Zatanna befriends the Team and is eventually taken in by them after her father becomes Doctor Fate.
  • Miss Martian is hiding secrets from her friends.
  • Red Arrow joins the Team as an act of goodwill towards the Justice League. He becomes very suspicious of Superboy, Miss Martian and Artemis being the mole.




Production crew





Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production code
"Independence Day" Jay Oliva Greg Weisman November 26, 2010 101
The Big Leagues
Robin, Speedy, Aqualad and Kid Flash are finally granted access to the headquarters of the Justice League. But when that access turns out to be little more than a glorified backstage pass, Speedy walks, and the other three sidekicks go on a mission of their own, to Project Cadmus, where they make a startling discovery...
"Fireworks" Sam Liu Greg Weisman November 26, 2010 102
The Team escapes Cadmus
Robin, Aqualad and Kid Flash have infiltrated Cadmus, where they find the sixteen year old clone of Superman, Superboy. They free the clone, and escape from Cadmus whilst battling Blockbuster. Once the building collapses, the Justice League appear, and the four boys demand to be recognized as a team. After agreeing to found the team on League terms, the niece of Martian Manhunter also joins.
"Welcome to Happy Harbor" Jay Oliva Kevin Hopps January 21, 2011 103
Arrival at Happy Harbor
The newly formed the Team once again meets Speedy whilst battling Brick, and again he refuses to join. After a small session of "team bonding", the group discovers Mister Twister destroying Happy Harbor, and believe it to be Red Tornado in disguise testing them.
"Drop-Zone" Christopher Berkeley Andrew Robinson January 28, 2011 104
Batman sends the Team on its first official mission... and they don't even have a leader yet! The teen heroes are sent to investigate the production of a new drug called Venom in a nearby rogue country, but soon find themselves in the middle of a war between Bane and the cult organization Kobra.
"Schooled" Michael Chang Nicole Dubuc February 4, 2011 105
Black Canary teaches
Superboy's anger over his non-relationship with Superman is getting out of control. He refuses to train with Black Canary, and when the Team faces an opponent that even the Justice League had trouble defeating, the Boy of Steel goes rogue.
"Infiltrator" Jay Oliva Jon Weisman February 11, 2011 106
Red Arrow meets Artemis
Artemis faces an uphill battle winning over her new teammates, as she tries to fill Red Arrow's boots on a mission he initiated: saving a brilliant young scientist from the League of Shadows.
"Denial" Michael Chang Tom Pugsley February 18, 2011 107
Kid Doctor Fate
Kent Nelson has gone missing and the Team is sent to find him. Kid Flash is forced to put his skepticism of magic aside when the team has to prevent the helmet of Doctor Fate from falling into the hands of Abra Kadabra and Klarion.
"Downtime" Jay Oliva Kevin Hopps March 4, 2011 108
After a disastrous mission with the team, Aqualad returns to Atlantis to choose between a life on the surface world, or one beneath with the girl of his dreams, Aquagirl. But other forces of play make Aqualad's decision for him.
"Bereft" Michael Chang Nicole Dubuc March 11, 2011 109
Miss Martian's mind realm
The Team finds itself wandering the desert of Bialya with no memory of the last six months... or of each other. Only Miss Martian can restore their minds and figure out what happened, but is she too late to save Superboy?
"Targets" Christopher Berkeley Andrew Robinson September 16, 2011 110
Luthor plays mediator
Red Arrow’s battle to prevent the League of Shadows from inciting a war, pits him against the world’s most dangerous assassins – and allies him with someone more dangerous still. Too bad Aqualad couldn’t convince him to ask the team for help...
"Terrors" Jay Oliva Greg Weisman September 23, 2011 111
Belle Reve daylight
Batman assigns Superboy and Miss Martian to go undercover inside Belle Reve Penitentiary, a federal prison designed to house the world’s worst super-villains...
"Homefront" Michael Chang Jon Weisman September 30, 2011 112
When the Cave itself is attacked, can Artemis and Robin – the two teens without super-powers – save the Team (or even themselves) from the unknown invaders?
"Alpha Male" Jay Oliva Tom Pugsley October 7, 2011 113
Alpha Male
Already exhausted and rattled after a home turf invasion of the Cave, the Team learns that Aqualad – their friend and leader – withheld vital information that put them all at risk. When Batman sends the Team and new “den-mother” Captain Marvel to India to investigate bizarre reports of armed animals attacking human beings, can Aqualad pull his fractured Team together?
"Revelation" Michael Chang Kevin Hopps October 14, 2011 114
Injustice League
When Plant Creatures attack major cities around the world, the Team is eager to join the fight alongside the Justice League. Instead, Batman assigns them a still more dangerous task – taking out the plants’ masters: a secret society of super- villains: the Injustice League!
"Humanity" Matt Youngberg Greg Weisman October 21, 2011 115
The Team is on the hunt for Red Tornado, determined to find out once and for all whether the robot was the mole – even if it means kidnapping new friend Zatanna and dragging her along on their quest!
"Failsafe" Jay Oliva Nicole Dubuc November 4, 2011 116
During an alien invasion, the Team faces the ultimate challenge when they are forced to replace the fallen Justice League!
"Disordered" Michael Chang Andrew Robinson November 11, 2011 117
Forever People
Conner Kent's pet Sphere has undergone a startling transformation, bringing it to the attention of the forever people of New Genesis. Turns out Sphere originally belonged to them... and they want it back!
"Secrets" Jay Oliva Peter David November 18, 2011 118
On Halloween, Artemis and Zatanna go to Manhattan for a night on the town, only to be hunted by Harm, a psycho-in-training, hiding a deadly secret...
"Misplaced" Michael Chang Greg Weisman March 3, 2012 119

When every adult on the planet disappears, only the team, Zatanna, and Billy Batson are left to defeat the five most powerful sorcerers on Earth.[1]

"Coldhearted" Victor Cook Jon Weisman March 10, 2012 120

Wally West comes oh-so-close to fulfilling his birthday wish to finally fight alongside the Justice League. Instead, a massively disappointed Kid Flash is taken off the mission and tasked with a simple delivery job. But a few deadly surprises await the birthday boy along the way...[2]

"Image" Jay Oliva Nicole Dubuc March 17, 2012 121

A covert operation against Queen Bee in Qurac forces Miss Martian to finally face her greatest fears and her biggest secrets. But will she reveal those secrets to her friends—or allow what she's hiding to take down the entire team?

"Agendas" Michael Chang Kevin Hopps March 24, 2012 122

Superboy returns to Project Cadmus, where he learns the top-secret genetics lab may have created another Super Clone. Meanwhile, the Justice League convenes at the Watchtower to discuss an important matter.[3]

"Insecurity" Jay Oliva Peter David March 31, 2012 123

Red Arrow's return undercuts Artemis' confidence, while the team's mission to track down Sportsmaster threatens to expose her darkest secrets.[2]

"Performance" Michael Chang Jon Weisman April 7, 2012 124

The Team goes undercover at the Haly International Traveling Circus to locate a thief stealing weapons technology across Europe. But a thief isn't all they find...[4]

"Usual Suspects" Jay Oliva & Tim Divar Kevin Hopps April 14, 2012 125
Usual Suspects

The Team gets a new member and a new mission – a mission that may finally expose all the Team's secrets... and all their lies![4]

"Auld Acquaintance" Michael Chang & Lauren Montgomery Greg Weisman April 21, 2012 126
Auld Acquaintance

The Team finally learns the identity of the traitor in their midst, forcing a battle against an enemy more dangerous than any they've ever faced before![4]


# Episode Original airing Viewers Target audience
00 Sneak peek event November 26, 2010 2.5 million[5] 2+
01 "Independence Day" (Part 1) January 7, 2011 1.3 million[6] kids: 6-14
02 "Fireworks" (Part 2) January 14, 2011 1.8 million[7] kids: 6-11 & boys: 2-11; 9-14
03 "Welcome to Happy Harbor" January 21, 2011 0.9 million[8] kids and boys: 9-14
04 "Drop-Zone" January 28, 2011 1.0 million[9] kids and boys: 9-14
05 "Schooled" February 4, 2011 2.5 million[10] kids: 2-14
06 "Infiltrator" February 11, 2011 2.1 million[11] kids: 2-14
07 "Denial" February 18, 2011 1.1 million[12] kids and boys: 9-14
08 "Downtime" March 4, 2011 1.2 million[13] kids: 2-11; 9-14
09 "Bereft" March 11, 2011 0.7 million[14] kids and boys: 9-14
NOTE: No further press releases were issued after the original airing of "Bereft".

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