Ripley is a guard at Belle Reve Penitentiary.

Physical appearance

Ripley is a brown-haired, Caucasian female with short bangs and rectangular-rimmed glasses. Her uniform consists of a beige, collared shirt; black trousers, a black cap, and a belt. Both Ripley’s shirt and cap sport a yellow, star-shaped badge with a circle in its center – indicative of her status as a guard of Belle Reve. Her shirt is accented with two large breast pockets and Ripley’s personal name tag.



Belle Reve Parish
September 16, post-21:55 CDT

Ripley worked at the women's ward. She escorted "Tuppence Terror" to her cell with Hart.[1]


Background information

The guards at Belle Reve were designed by Jerome Moore, who decided to give all of them a different personality and a nametag.[2]


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