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Cheshire kisses Red Arrow

Red Arrow and Cheshire.

Red Arrow and Cheshire are former enemies that eventually married.


"First dates"

Cheshire and Red Arrow met at a peace summit in Rhelasia, where she planned to assassinate Lex Luthor.[1] At the time, she already knew that he was a clone of the original Speedy, and that her father Sportsmaster was his handler.[2] During their first conversation, she teased him with flirtatious remarks, and took particular amusement in baiting him. For the rest of the day, she would refer to their meetings as "dates".[1]

This flirtation was a perfect setup to drive a wedge between Red Arrow and her sister Artemis. Red Arrow was already implanted with suggestions to distrust Artemis, but Cheshire made sure the distrust was mutual. In her presence, she continued her flirting, and even kissed him when she had him pinned down. This did not sit well with Artemis.[3]


After Red Arrow's programming, infiltrating the Justice League to betray them, was completed, and the crisis was resolved by the Team, he went looking for the real Speedy. Cheshire caught up with him, and they started a relationship. They eventually married, though towards the end of 2015, she left him because of his self-destructive behavior. She did not tell him that she was pregnant, and used the time to give birth to Lian. She later told him that she felt his obsession made it impossible for them to create the right environment to raise a baby.[4]

Cheshire berated Red Arrow when he resigned himself to be merely the real Roy Harper's clone, saying that he needed to feel real in order to be a proper father to Lian. For the sake of her daughter, Cheshire aided Red Arrow in rescuing the real Speedy, and called in all chips to learn his location.[4]


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