Rannian is the native language used by inhabitants of the planet Rann (also called Rannians). Adam Strange, through the use of charades, has learned a rudimentary version of it. Notable speakers include Sardath and Alanna.[1]

Word by word translations

Rannian language English equivalent[2]
ael well
aeli good
ao with
aelsmat careful
apic Beam
ba I
bu my
-Cho Honorable (an honorific)
doh-heger escape
dol would
duss what
emsec also
fao is / did
faor allow
glusten continue
ililoc tell / speak
lalto help
lam talsa greetings (salutation)
leps from
maol happened
ol it
olf these
onamao really
qu you
Ranagari Ranagarian
sistris worry about
tel move
tertel daughter
tho cannot
Thom not
tom don't
ul and
Urth Earth
Urth-lingz Earthling
vier see / look
zeta zeta


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