McDonald's has made several Young Justice toys, which are given away with McDonald's Happy Meals for boys.

First wave

First wave McDonald YJ toys

The first wave of McDonald's Young Justice toys.

McDonald's made 8 miniature Young Justice figures with special features for boys, while at the same time, girls' Happy Meals contained toys from The Littlest Pet Shop.

Young Justice toys available are:

  • Kid Flash with simulated running rolling base,
  • Robin with missile-launching motorcycle,
  • Batman with cape flapping action,
  • Superman with dual arm smashing action,
  • Superboy with light-up eyes and chest symbol, plus arm smashing action,
  • Captain Cold with ice missile firing gun,
  • Black Manta with light-up eyes, and
  • Aqualad with light-up arm decoration.

Second wave

Second wave McDonald YJ toys.png

The second wave of McDonald's Young Justice toys.

McDonald's made 6 toy skateboards based on the show for boys, while again having The Littlest Pet Shop for girls.

Young Justice skateboard toys available are:

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