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May 26, 2016[nb 1] is the 26th day in the month of May 2016.


  • 06:59 EDT: The Warworld has arrived.  Captain Atom attempts to parlay with Mongul from the Watchtower.[1]
  • 12:00 UTC: Mongul refuses to negotiate, and tries to destroy the Earth with a super laser, but the attack was deflected. The Justice League and the Team engage, forcing Mongul to try and destroy the Earth with saturation fire from numerous ships.[1]
  • 07:35 EDT: Earth's military defenses destroy 64% of Mongul's saturation attack and an estimated 13% will follow suit, leaving 23% free to decimate the planet. So, the Reach decides to activate their fleet in order to protect their investment.[1]
  • 22:40 ChST: The hidden Reach fleet surfaces and engages Mongul's ships. The Earth is successfully defended, but two-thirds of the fleet is destroyed. The Team defeats Mongul, but is captured in turn by a traitorous, on-mode Blue Beetle.[1]


  1. Series producer Greg Weisman stated that even though the series does not have a "canon year", the production team based the days of the week of season one on the 2010 calendar. In "Happy New Year" there's a five year time jump, making the current year 2016. (Weisman, Greg (2011-11-18). Question #13695. Ask Greg. Retrieved 2011-11-18.).

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