Lucius Fox is an employee at Wayne Enterprises and works for Bruce Wayne.

Physical appearance

Lucius Fox is an African American male with short black hair that grays around the ears. He has dark brown eyes and wears glasses. Lucius Fox fashions himself in a gray casual business man suit.



Gotham City
August 26, 08:15 EDT

Lucius called over his boss when a mysterious canister was delivered to the Wayne Foundation. Scans revealed it to be mud. A clay monster emerged, and took out the guards. Lucius urged Bruce and Dick get to safety, but they were gone already, and Batman and Robin stepped in to fight the monster.[3]


Background information

  • Lucius Fox is a high ranking executive at Wayne Enterprises, usually the one who runs the day-to-day business at the company. His wife's name is Tanya, and he has children named Tiffany, Tamara, Timothy, and in the New 52, Lucas (Batwing). In some adaptations, he is aware of Bruce's double life and helps him, while in others, he is either unaware or suspects something.


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