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Young Justice features several similarities—intentional or otherwise—to series producer Greg Weisman's former works. Some are more subtle than others.



  • Sensei has a wonky left eye and a scar over it, like the gargoyle Hudson.
  • Three Gargoyles alumni are reunited in one episode: Jeff Bennett (Abra Kadabra), Thom Adcox (Klarion), and Edward Asner (Kent Nelson). Bennett voiced the gargoyle Brooklyn, while Adcox voiced the gargoyle Lexington and Asner voiced the gargoyle Hudson.
  • Queen Bee is voiced by Marina Sirtis, who voiced Demona. Both characters share similar physical traits: Queen Bee dons a veil around her shoulders, which mirrors Demona's wings when furled; she also wears a gold armband similar to the one that Demona used on her left arm, and a golden diadem that resembles Demona's headpiece; and both wear golden earrings.
  • Vandal Savage has three facial scars that bear a striking resemblance to those that Demona gave to Gillecomgain, which later came to be the signature mark of the Hunters. However, Savage's scars are not an intentional reference to the Hunters. They were part of his original design by Phil Bourassa.[1]
  • Various villains (mostly those who work for the Light) exhibit a Xanatos-like perspective about loss: every time they are thwarted by the Team they never acknowledge defeat, but rather perceive some sort of victory from the events in a very calm and nonchalant demeanor:



  • Wotan's lightning bolt incantation "fulminos venite!" was a favorite of the Archmage.
  • Also, when the Team is listing what Kobra-Venom has done, Superboy adds "And upgrade Wolf". This is a reference to what happened to the namesake character in the episode "Upgrade".


  • Red Tornado says that he is not sure if the Team's words are accurate, but they may be true. This is reminiscent of King Arthur's line "all things are true... few things are accurate" in the Gargoyles comic "Rock & Roll".


  • One of Zatanna's spells ("Erif nrub, nordluac elbbub") translates into "Fire burn, cauldron bubble", which is a quote from William Shakespeare Macbeth (Act Four, Scene One). This line was also used in the recreated scene of the play in the episode "City of Stone" Part Three.


  • The main plot of this episode turned out to be an over-elaborate ploy contrived by the antagonists in order to divert attentions and secure an unrelated goal. This was also done in "Leader of the Pack", "Metamorphosis", "Legion" and "High Noon".
  • Klarion says "Team work is so overrated." Thailog said the same thing in "Sanctuary".



  • Black Manta's line to Aqualad, "[...] even if I must beat that lesson into your skull", echoes what Demona said to her past-self in "Vows": "If I must beat this lesson into you, so be it".


"Monkey Business"

  • When Superboy breaks free from the illusion, he shouts, "None of this is real". This mirrors Goliath's scream "None of you are real" when he breaks free from his hallucinations in "Shadows of the Past".

"The Pendulum"

"...Here There be Monsters"

"Players, Chapter Six: Rolling Doubles"

  • Queen Bee strokes Marie Logan and Ali's hair while enthralling them. In the Gargoyles universe, this was the equivalent to kissing among gargoyles.
  • The issue concludes with the same caption used in the last Gargoyles comic by SLG: "Never The End...".

The Spectacular Spider-Man





  • Wotan's lightning bolt incantation "fulminos venite!" was a favorite of Mysterio.

"The Fix"

  • Deathstroke's line "I hate to see any poor animal suffer" is very similar to what Shocker says in "Accomplices": "Never did like to see a poor, dumb animal suffer."


  • Young Justice uses timestamps to "ground the show in the moment and allow fans to get how much time has passed between episodes". Greg Weisman explained that and it was "the next logical step from what [he] tried to do on Spectacular Spider-Man"[7] in which the timeline could be pinpointed by seasonal holidays. Prior to this, Weisman had first used timestamps on three issues of the Gargoyles comics by SLG: "The Rock", "Rock & Roll" and "Rock of Ages". The first two of those issues did not include locations, however, the third did: continuing the sense of progression.
  • In "Revelation", Steve Blum reprised his role of Count Vertigo from DC Showcase: Green Arrow, written by Greg Weisman. The phrase "Count Vertigo to you, peasant" was also used in that short.
  • Perdita, Vertigo's niece, first appeared in DC Showcase: Green Arrow, and was reused in Young Justice.

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