The following lists all the spells Zatanna has explicitly incanted in Young Justice.

Season 1

Incantation English Translation Effect Ref
Trulb tuo S'worrom eurt noitacol Blurt out Morrow's true location Causes Professor Ivo to reveal Morrow's hideout [1][2]
Emit ot yrt tuo eht wen kool Time to try out the new look! Changes her clothes into a magician's outfit [1][2]
Etaerc a... a... dleihs dnuora ym! Create a... a... shield around my! (Spell was incomplete and interrupted) [1][2]
Emoks [sic] emoceb a dlofdnilb! Smoke become a blindfold! Causes smoke to blindfold Red Volcano [1][2]
Ekoms dna srorrim... Etaerc Dik Hsalf snoisulli! Smoke and mirrors... Create Kid Flash illusions! Creates numerous copies of Kid Flash [1][2]
Egnahc sehtolc otni ruo smrofinu! Change clothes into our uniforms! Changes her and Artemis's clothes into their superhero outfits [3][2]
Taeh taht s'nopaew latem! Heat that weapon's metal! Causes the Sword of Beowulf to glow red hot. [3][2]
Etativel reh! Levitate her! Causes female jogger to float in the air away from her assailants [3][2]
Etativel drows ot em! Levitate sword to me! Causes the Sword of Beowulf to fly towards her [3][2]
Erif nrub, nordlauc elbbub! Fire burn, cauldron bubble!

Creates a fiery explosion:

  1. To momentarily delay Harm
  2. To destroy a defensive emplacement of a flying ice fortress
Lacitcarp raewtoof won! Practical footwear now! Removes the heels from Zatanna's shoes [3][2]
Dloc dniw wolb! Dloc dniw wolb! Dloc dniw wolb! Cold wind blow! Cold wind blow! Cold wind blow! Freezes Harm solid [3][2]
Sepor, emoc esool Ropes, come loose! Unties herself. [3][2]
Egnahc sehtolc otni sgnidnib Change clothes into bindings! Transforms into restraints:
  1. Harm's clothing
  2. The smoke around Bane's henchman
Etativel sexob! Levitate boxes! Presumably caused some boxes to levitate [3][2][nb 1]
Etacol retnecipe fo yrecros! Locate epicenter of sorcery! Ascertains the origin of the spell that split the two dimensions. [5][2]
Etativel mih ffo eht margatnep Levitate him off the pentagram! Presumably causes Klarion to float (spell was blocked) [5][2]
Temleh fo Etaf, laever flesruoy! Helmet of Fate, reveal yourself! Summons the Helmet of Fate to her. [5][2]
Yam eht owt emoceb eno ecno erom! May the two become one once more! Rejoins the Ambre Jeune Perdu to fix the split dimensions [5][2]
Yelsrap egas yramesor dna emyht! Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme Automatically seasons a turkey [6]
Etativel! Levitate! Allows herself to fly [7][8]
Hctah siri nepo! Hatch iris open! Causes the hatch leading to Red Tornado's quarters to open. [7][8]
Evig mih stnap! Give him pants! Transforms a bedsheet into a pair of pants for John Smith. [7][8]
Ekahs siht ebolgwons! Shake this snowglobe! Creates a localized snowstorm. [4][8]
M'i rebbur. Er'uoy eulg! I'm rubber. You're glue! Presumably reflects an attack back on the attacker [4][8][nb 1]
Tekcajtiarts! Straitjacket! Conjures a straitjacket on the Riddler. [4][8]
Gag mih! Gag him! Gags the Riddler. [4][8]
Hguone htiw eht ebolgwons. Enough with the snowglobe. Causes a snowstorm to stop. [4][8]
Ekoms dna srorrim! Smoke and Mirrors! Creates an obscuring smoke. [4]
Etaerc Nibor snoisulli! Create Robin illusions! Creates numerous copies of Robin [4][8]
Etativel taht ssorg gniht Levitate that gross thing. Levitates a piece of Starro flesh to distract the Atom [9][8]
Trulb tuo "Mazahs"! Blurt out "Shazam"! Causes the mind-controlled Captain Marvel to shout "Shazam!" [9][8]
Temleh, esaeler ym rehtaf! Helmet, release my father! Presumably removes the Helmet of Fate from Zatara's head (spell was blocked) [9][8]

Season 2

Incantation English translation Effect Ref
Brag su rof elttab! Garb us for battle! Changes the civilian clothes of the assembled heroines into their hero costumes [10][11]
Knis nwod otni eht... Sink down into the... (Spell was incomplete and interrupted) [12][13]
Ees tahw I ees! See what I see! Causes Despero's trance inducing stare to be mirrored back at him via Guardian's helmet [12][13]
Etativel! Levitate! Allows herself to fly [12][13]
Etavacxe! Excavate! Presumably removes the rubble from the destroyed Hall of Justice [12][13][nb 1]
Etaerc a elbbub fo elbisivni ruomalg! Create a bubble of invisible glamour! Presumably confers invisibility [12][13][nb 1]
Ecrofnier S'tekcor elbbub htiw ym skcigam! Reinforce Rocket's bubble with my magicks! Adds a mystic component to Rocket's force bubble which is imprisoning Blue Beetle [14][15]
Eerf Lrigtab dna Eslupmi! Free Batgirl and Impulse! Removes the oversized blue staples immobilizing Batgirl and Impulse [14][15]
Mrasid! Disarm! Removes weapons from Bialyan soldiers [14][15]
Tcerider ym seimene tsniaga hcae rehto! Redirect my enemies against each other! Causes Devastation to slam against Mammoth and Shimmer, knocking them all into a hole in the ground. [14][15]
Retne a ecnart ot eraprep rof eht lautir... Enter a trance to prepare for the ritual... Causes Zatanna to enter into a mystic trance [14][15]
Ho yhtgim [sic] Sisi fo eht citsym baracs, evig em ruoy rewop! Oh mighty Isis of the Mystic Scarab, give me your power! Calls upon Isis to add her powers to Zatanna's own [14][15]
Tcurtsnocer siht elpmet! Reconstruct this temple! Fixes the temple in preparation for the cleansing spell. [14][15]
Tekcor, won! Rocket, now! Causes Rocket to drop her kinetic shield and fly away. [14][15]
Esnaelc eseht snoipmahc Cleanse these champions Cleansing ritual which knocks both Blue and Green Beetle off-mode [14][15]
Leaver ohw slortnoc ruoy sbaracs! Reveal who controls your scarabs! Causes Green Beetle and Blue Beetle to demorph into B'arzz and Jaime. [14][15]


Incantation English Translation Effect Ref
Etaerc a cipocsorcim eloh ni siht ecrof dleif rof Mota! Create a microscopic hole in this force field for Atom! Presumably creates a tiny breach in the force field surrounding Metropolis. (spell failed) [16]
Niatniam ruomalg dna elffab lla dnuos gnitaname morf nihtiw! Maintain glamour and baffle all sound emanating from within! Maintains a bubble around the Super-Cycle and her passengers that makes them invisible and inaudible. [16]
Wols nwod ruo s'ymene noitcaer emit Slow down our enemy's reaction time Intended to slow down the Collector of Worlds [17]


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