Lian Nguyen-Harper is the infant daughter of Red Arrow and Cheshire.


Lian enjoys seeing people fight, a trait that her mother claims runs in the family. She also appears to be quite intelligent for an infant. An example of this was when she pointed to Speedy, and said (in plural form) "Dadas," recognizing both the original and clone Roy Harper as her father.[2]

Physical appearance

Lian appears to be only a couple of months old. She has auburn hair,[3] gray eyes, and a few teeth.[2] Being only a quarter Vietnamese, she has a more Caucasian appearance, like her father and maternal grandfather, but with epicanthic folds like her mother.



Lian was born in September 2015.[4]


Washington, D.C.
February 14, post-04:03 EST

Jade brought Lian to persuade her husband to give up his mad search for Speedy. He was surprised to learn that he had a daughter. Lian slept through the entire conversation.[3]

February 28, 23:14 BT

Cheshire brought Lian along on their search for Speedy, though Roy thought that she was better off in her aunt Artemis's care while they fought. Safely tucked in in her mother's baby sling, she enjoyed seeing her parents fight their way through a Tibetan monastery. When Roy and Jade finally found Speedy, Lian giggled as she saw someone who looked exactly like her father.[2]

Gotham City
March 21, 17:38 EDT

When Crusher Crock and Jade Nguyen went to pay their last respects to Artemis at Gotham Cemetery, Jade carried Lian with her. Lian slept through the entire conversation where her mother and grandfather swore to confront the Mantas.[5]

Gotham City
May 28, 02:34 EDT

Upon returning from her attempt to kill Aqualad, Jade picked Lian up from her mother's apartment.[6]


Background information

  • This is Lian's first appearance outside the comic books. She first appeared as a baby in the mid-80's and remained a supporting character until her death in the Cry For Justice miniseries.


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