Jeremiah is a shopkeeper.



Washington, D.C.
February 13, 21:06 EST

Jeremiah's store was robbed, and Jeremiah watched the thief run off. He was elated Red Arrow stopped the thief, and offered him anything in the store. Red Arrow declined any reward, and claimed he valued Jeremiah's gratitude more. However, he did secrete a stack of bills from the thief's loot.[1]


Appearances in other media

  • Jeremiah was a minor supporting cast member of Captain Atom. He worked for Mellow Yellow, the store of Cameron Scott's sometimes girlfriend Sally "Starshine" Stone, after she went on vacation. His only appearance was Captain Atom #44.


  1. Weisman, Greg (writer) & Divar, Tim (director) (May 19, 2012). "Salvage". Young Justice. Season 2. Episode 4. Cartoon Network.

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