Inhibitor collar

A collar on "Tommy Terror".

Inhibitor collars are special control collars designed to prevent the wearers from accessing their superhuman abilities, and also to apply electric shocks powerful enough to render a person unconscious. The collars must be set up for an individual's specific abilities.[1]

For subjects with multiple powers, the collars are capable of selectively repressing or allowing individual abilities, and can be remotely switched between settings.[2] 

It is also possible to attach explosive charges that can be detonated from a distance on the collars.[2]

Instances of use

Inhibitor collars appear to be standard anti-metahuman law-enforcement devices, and are widely available to many parties:

  • All convicts at Belle Reve Penitentiary are made to wear these collars, which are programmed to counter the convicts' specific abilities.[1]
  • The Brain also used similar inhibitor collars to control animals in northern India[3]
  • Agent King Faraday used a collar on Parasite upon his arrest.[4]
  • In Impulse's original timeline forty years in the future, devices akin to inhibitor collars have been affixed to the necks of Impulse and Neutron. The device attached to Neutron vanished when Impulse cured him in the past.[5]
  • Black Manta's agents used inhibitor collars during their invasion of Mount Justice,[6] and the abduction of Miss Martian.[2]



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