Hamilton Hill is the mayor of Gotham City

Physical appearance

Hill is a middle-aged Caucasian man with grey hair and brown eyes. He also has a gray mustache. While on an Indian safari, he wore khaki colored pants and a brown leather jacket over a white button up shirt. He also wore a beige colored hat with a brown band.[2] After he was attacked by a gorilla, the Gotham Truth Rag showed him in a suit with a bandage wrapped around his head and his arm in a cast and a sling.[2]



Northern India
September 10, 14:43 IST

Hill went on a hunting trip to India, hoping to shoot an Indian tiger. He rejected support from local guides, as he dismissed them as superstitious. Without them, he tracked the animal down, but as he lined up the shot, the tiger was captured by the Brain instead. Monsieur Mallah attacked Hill and his drivers for discovering their plot. He survived, and the media had their fun with the claim that he was attacked by a "guerilla gorilla".[2]


Background in other media

  • Hamilton Hill is known better for his appearances in animated series than in the comics, where he was a corrupt mayor on crime boss Rupert Thorne's payroll in the 80s and hasn't appeared since.
  • This is his third animated appearance. His counterpart in Batman: The Animated Series was considerably more competent. He also appeared in the final season of The Batman, and was mentioned in a newspaper in Batman: Under the Red Hood.


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