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Halo (born August 28, 2002)[1] is a Quraci girl with mysterious aura powers, described as "an old soul in a young body".[3] Originally born Gabrielle Daou, she considers it a past life and prefers Violet, a name given to her by Brion Markov in reference to her violet aura.


Physical appearance


Early life

Gabrielle Daou was born in Dhabar province on August 28, 2002. When she was a teenager, the neighboring rogue state Bialya invaded with full force and metahumans like Mammoth. Gabrielle managed to get out and was admitted into Markovia, though as a refugee she was not liked by all,[1] even though the Royal Family was very kind towards all refugees.[4]


July 29, 03:00 EEST

Gabrielle got a job as a servant in the royal palace,[1] though she was still uneasy around the guards. She made her way to the exit and dialed the security code to unlock a door. As she opened it, two assassins stepped inside: one sped away into the palace and the other knocked the befuddled refugee out.[4]

At some point afterwards, the refugee was put through the Tar protocol but died.[5]

July 30, post-19:23 EEST
Halo comes back to life

The dead girl comes back to life.

Her dead body was thrown inside a grave by Henchy, Johann Mintz and Piotor Platz, along with other failed Tar subjects. But as she was being covered up, a purple aura beamed from her and she sprang back to life. She tried to climb out of the grave, but Henchy and his men attempted to bury her alive. Fortunately, Tigress intervened and fought Johann and Piotor. When Henchy tried to use an energy whip against them, the refugee unwittingly generated a red force-field, causing his whip to bounce back and knock Henchy out. She ran off with Artemis.

The girl was largely discombobulated and had no memory of what had happened before the grave incident. She could speak English, albeit with some difficulty.[5]

July 31, post-00:01 EEST

Artemis instructed the still unnamed girl to stay with Sphere while they rescued Superboy. As she watched Artemis and Jefferson Pierce walking towards the cliff, she said "kill".

She followed them inside with Sphere, and when Plasmus was about to strike a deadly blow against Artemis, the girl shielded them with her red-aura power, firmly stating "no kill". Artemis was happy she didn't stay behind, despite her instructions, and dubbed her "Halo-Girl".

She made an escape with the Team, but Count Vertigo was able to track them down. In the ensuring skirmish, Halo-Girl manifested another aura–an orange one that allowed flight–when Plasmus grabbed her and burned half of her face off, though she didn't die and was able to heal herself back to normal with her purple aura.[6]

After Plasmus–now released from Vertigo's control–was shot dead, Halo-Girl tried to heal him, but he was dead and could not be resurrected.[6]

Powers and abilities

Halo red aura

Halo using her red aura to generate a force field.

  • Aura generation: Halo can create different auras which, dependent on color, have different powers.
    • Red: Force fields.[5]
    • Orange: Flight.[6]
    • Violet: Healing, both to herself and others.[6]
    • Yellow: Energy blasts[2]


Background information

  • In the comics, Halo was an original member of the Outsiders with photokinetic powers. Violet Harper was a runaway who lived a life of crime, until an altercation with Tobias Whale and Syonide killed her. Her essence was merged with an alien Aurakle, essentially resurrecting her. Plagued with memory loss, she started using the name "Gabrielle Doe". Her original body was later revived by Kobra as Spectra.
  • This is Halo's second animated appearance. She appeared, with no lines, in Batman: The Brave and the Bold.


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