Duk Trang (1940[1]August 14, 2010) was a retired North Vietnamese general.

Physical appearance

In his early life, Trang had black hair. When he served in the Vietnamese army, he wore a uniform of a green button up shirt, and matching colored pants and cap. After he retired, his hair greyed and he gained a bald patch.[2]


Early life

During the Vietnam war, Trang raised a boy named Rako.

Later, Trang moved to the United States, and lived in a mansion in Annapolis that was above his pay grade.[2]


August 14, 00:32 EDT

Rako confronted his old caretaker to murder him for complicity in the trial of Nathaniel Adams. The Team arrived,[2] but Rako managed to murder him.[3]


Background information

  • General Trang was a relatively minor player in the comics, only appearing (and dying) in Captain Atom #26. That Trang was named Hu Trang, was Viet Cong instead of a North Vietnamese, and not responsible for the upbringing of Rako/The Cambodian.


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