Conservatory of Sorcery

The main entrance.

The Conservatory of Sorcery is a school in Atlantis, led by Queen Mera. As the name suggested, it is a place for students who are interested in studying sorcery. It boasted a diversity of students.[1]


Early history

Kaldur'ahm came to the Conservatory when he was 14. He left shortly after to become Aquaman's protégé.[2]


August 27, 13:08 UTC-2

Kaldur returned to Atlantis, and visited the school in the hopes of finding his old friends, Garth and Tula. He briefly considered returning to the Conservatory to rekindle his relationship with Tula, but ultimately decided not to.[3]

September 6, 08:06 UTC-2

The school had become a hotbed in tensions of the purist movement. Kaldur did not know, and introduced his friends to his former classmates.[1]

September 7, 07:01 UTC-2

Following the defeat of Ocean-Master, Ronal was given a pardon and allowed back at the school.[4]




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