Congorilla, also known as the Holy One, is a gorilla deity.

Physical appearance

Congorilla is a large, male mountain gorilla with oddly gold-colored fur and skin.


Early life

Congorilla was a member of Solovar's troop of gorillas in Bwunda. When the Brain and Ultra-Humanite captured and enhanced the troop in 2008, he was the only one to escape.[2]


"Gorilla City"
September 27, post-00:00 CAT

Congorilla watched over several members of the troop in a safe haven unknown to Mallah. Following the troop's liberation, he left them.[2]


Background information

  • In the comics, Congorilla is a large golden-furred mountain gorilla who possesses supernatural strength, agility and durability. When famous explorer, Congo Bill, was trapped by a landslide, Congorilla used his mystic powers to exchange their spirits, allowing Bill to use his formidible strength to dig his body, now containing Congorilla's own consciousness, out of the cave where he had been trapped. The two became frequent allies in their adventures across Africa. Years later, Bill's body died, and he permanently merged with Congorilla, becoming one entity. Congorilla would later become a member of the Justice League after the Justice League: Cry for Justice and during Brightest Day.


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