Brucely[1][2] was Artemis Crock and Wally West's pet dog. He lived with them at their apartment in Palo Alto.[3]

Physical appearance

Brucely is a pit bull[1] with all-white fur. He wears a black collar.[3]


Early life

Artemis and Wally got Brucely together.[4]


Palo Alto
February 14, 00:03 PST

Brucely was asleep on the couch when Wally returned from the unsuccessful intervention for Red Arrow.[3]

Palo Alto
March 19, 08:12 PDT

Brucely slept on the couch next to his master while Wally watched G. Gordon Godfrey on television before Artemis left for her mission.[5]



Brucely's name and appearance are based on Artemis actress Stephanie Lemelin's dog.[6]


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