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Brawl of Justice is a free-to-play game hosted by It is based on the series Young Justice.


Robin, Superboy and Aqualad are in Cadmus when the facility goes into lockdown. Robin tells the others to hold off the attacking Genomorphs while he hacks the system.

Superboy and Aqualad battle wave after wave of G-Elves. After a time, two enhanced G-Elves are released; a red one which attacks from a distance, and a dark grey one which is more durable. As the battle continues, G-Trolls begin to join the fight, and eventually Blockbuster arrives.

Ultimately, Superboy and Aqualad buy enough time for the Team to escape.



Key Aqualad Superboy
Z (Quick attack) Jab
X (Heavy attack) Roundhouse Kick Uppercut
C (Ranged attack) Water missile Tile throw
Space bar (Super attack) Water explosion Ground pound
Move forward
Move backward
Move to the right
Move to the left
↑+↑ / ↓+↓ / →+→/←+← Evade
Z-Z-Z Tsunami Kick Super Strike
Z-Z-X Stinging Blowfish Power Stomp
Z-X-Z Atlantean Eel Shock Fists of Steel
X-Z-Z Hammer Slam Hammer Punch
Z-X-X-X Water Torture Soaring Shockwave
X-X-X-X Maelstrom Mace Living Weapon


There are six badges in the game that can be achieved by the player if the following in-game requirements are met:

  • Cadmus Challenger: Get to level 5
  • Combat Ready: Unlock All Combos for Aqualad and Superboy
  • Special Delivery: Use a Super Attack with Superboy and Aqualad
  • Rampage of Justice: Score 25,000 Points
  • Super Brawler: Get a Combo of 40
  • Heavy Mattle: This is the mystery badge in the game


Non-speaking roles
Character debut
Speaking debut


  • The game had no input from the show's creative team. It is not considered canon.
  • The game contains no timestamps.


  • The red and black G-Elves are unique to the game. The red G-elves throw a damaging explosive, while black G-elves are stronger and more resilient than the regular variety.
  • The entirety of the game takes place in Cadmus Sub-level 26.

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