• Anythingspossibleforapossible

    Turner has announced a new online subscription service for Boomerang, that will air new shows and new episodes of still relatively new shows that Cartoon Network did not give its full attention to. The new shows cater to what you'd expect to see on Boomerang (like a new Wacky Races TV show that has been going around for a while), but the fact that season three will likely air online, and Young Justice did rerun on Boomerang, might show some potential of a new home, but then again it could still air on Netflix (or somewhere).

    So, I just thought you'd might like to know this, even if nothing comes from it.

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  • Rassilon of Old

    Young Justice Wiki isn't just a database of information, we're one of - if not the - ultimate Young Justice fan resource.

    As a part of that, we've expanded beyond the pages of Wikia into social media, to engage with fans and keep you all up to date on the latest production news for season three.

    Please Follow us on Twitter and Tumblr, as well as Liking us on Facebook, and then make sure to share our tweets and posts with your friends.

    We'll be updating those sites (as well as the wiki, of course) with the latest news, plus some fun fan content as well.

    Remember, the more people enjoying and consuming Young Justice content, the more likely it is the show will continue beyond just its third season, and social media is a great tool for getting people …

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  • Starling starwing

    Alright, it's been a while since I was last here and I don't know how many familiar faces are still around, but here goes. I appologize if I missed a blog dealing with this already, but here's a video of relevant info straight from Greg:

    Relevant video

    The gist is that there has been talk about the possibility of bringing back YJ but it's not definite. The key to showing that there's still sufficient interest to bring the show back, is to buy YJ stuff straight from a source that tells them they can still make a profit from bringing it back, as well as continue to show consistent interest in it. It still might not happen, but that's what's going to give us a chance for it, not a petition.

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  • MrQuest17

    Hi guys, MrQuest17 here with my first blog on Young Justice Wiki. Now as we all know YJ was cancelled after two seasons, but recently there's been rumours about a possible revival of the show, by Netflix. Anyway to compensate for the wait for confirmation, I've come up with my own idea for a third season of the show. I've named this season Allegance, to do with the overall plot of the Light's ties to Apokalypse and what they're planning to do. It will take place one year after the second season and Kid Flash' death, during the Reach apokolypse. Within this season the team will disover, that the light have only began to protect earth from Alien incursion, to help safeguard possible new Super villain recruits. The Light have joined forces wi…

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  • Anythingspossibleforapossible

    This is a question that is asked (and variations of) on Ask Greg a lot now. If you feel the need to ask this, please first look at the archives on Ask Greg before asking him a question that has been asked and answered by him several times already. The basic answer is, their strength changes based on the density of their shape-shifting ability. If someone wants to give a more detailed entry on that, then please do (if you want to).

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  • Fleet Admiral Awesome

    Hey Young Justice fans. I would just like to say that I have been waiting for 2 years for the show to come back on and it's still not. So I am asking for your help to keep YJ alive. Please go to this site and show your support, Ill have some more news later.

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  • Concernedalien11780

    Hello, Young Justice Wiki, this is Concernedalien11780. I was a fan of Young Justice ever since it aired. I loved Teen Titans as a kid, and therefore felt like a similar-but-different show meant for a slightly older age group would be perfect for me when it first aired in 2010. Overall, the show seemed like a natural progression for animated superhero shows. We get a look at how superheroes like the Teen Titans would interact with the Justice League, along with a look at their lives outside of being superheroes, even if it's not too in-depth. I would've particularly like to see more individual interactions between Batman and Nightwing and/or Robin or between Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson and/or Tim Drake, because there was something innatel…

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  • Revan's Exile

    Why doesn't the team consisting of Asami Koizumi, Eduardo Dorado Jr., Static, Tye Longshadow have its own article? --Revan's Exile (talk) 12:20, August 20, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Steven Bomb 17

    I'm Steven Bomb 17, I was a pretty big fan of this show. I admit I didn't like it until a couple years ago when I watched a random episode from season 1 but after that I watched every episode of season 1 at least once. Anyways, don't lose heart over the series cancelation, CN will realize how much they need us and come crawling back. Also, I'm probably going to leave CN once Steven Universe is over if things don't improve, the network just doesn't seem to care about what people say anymore. This show, Teen Titans, so many good shows were sacrificed for these not so good shows, my schedule when SU isn't around is this Pokemon on Saturday, on the weekdays if SU is on then SU, if We Bare Bears is on then maybe that. I don't mean to sound like…

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  • Tupka217

    I've had this issue with YJ (and on a grander scale, most American comics) for a while now: they know jack-all about modern European monarchy. I realize it might be a funny and alien concept to Americans (and most European monarchies are really happy with all the tourist money that brings in), but it's also easy to mess up. I'm not even a royalist and these errors make me cringe.

    There are three monarchies in YJ, and all three have issues you would not see in a modern European monarchy. Okay, fictional universe, fictional laws, I get it, but still.

    • Perdita's father is the King, not the Prince-regent, so her father's side is royalty. In order to be next in line, Count Vertigo has to be a member of the Royal Family, not a maternal relative of…

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