• Thailog

    Wiki Stats

    January 13, 2013 by Thailog

    Not surprisingly, yesterday we got almost as many visits as Avatar Wiki.

    • 122010 people visited us.
    • 617 edits were made.
    • 23 people joined.

    These tend to decline during the following days and hiatuses.

    March 7:

    • 57721 people viewed us.
    • 250 edits were made.
    • 12 people joined us.

    March 8:

    • 27517 people viewed us.
    • 97 edits were made.
    • 8 people joined us.

    March 9:

    • 118006 people viewed us.
    • 483 edits were made.
    • 14 people joined us.

    March 10:

    • 137918 people viewed us.
    • 501 edits were made.
    • 30 people joined us.

    March 11:

    • 85704 people viewed us.
    • 403 edits were made.
    • 15 people joined us.

    March 12:

    • 73235 people viewed us.
    • 350 edits were made.
    • 11 people joined us.

    March 13:

    • 64032 people viewed us.
    • 344 edits were made.
    • 7 people joined us.

    March 14:

    • 59318 people viewed us.
    • 353 edits were made.
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  • Thailog

    Just an FYI, in case there was some misinterpretation, the so called "Young Justice Wikia Tumblr" is not affiliated with us. As to why it is called so, everyone's guess is as good as mine.

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  • Rassilon of Old

    One of Wikia's more recent features, Chat, is becoming more and more used by you editors, and it's fantastic to see you're all gelling together so well. But as most of you will know, Chat is more than often, very glitchy, and there are quite a few issues concerning the feature. So I'm currently in a position to offer you something new to the wiki on behalf of Thailog.

    It's called, IRC. That is, Internet Relay Chat. IRC is another method of instant text communication that has been around since 1988, and is also used on many wikis, such as Avatar Wiki, The Hunger Games Wiki, and the Harry Potter Wiki to name but a few.

    Using it is easy! To join the chatroom, go to our access page and choose a nickname, then insert the pictured words, and voila…

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  • Thailog

    Login-to-edit Mode

    March 19, 2012 by Thailog

    We apologize to the well-intentioned anonymous contributors and posters who bear no ill-faith, but this is regrettably a necessary measure to ensure we keep our visitors spoilers-free.

    Naturally, the previous caveat still applies henceforth: if you deliberately ignore the no-spoilers policy, you will incur in a block.

    Thank you for understanding.

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  • Thailog

    Posting on AskGreg

    March 4, 2012 by Thailog

    I would like to make a general appeal for everyone here who posts on AskGreg.

    I've come to notice that some questions reference content from the wiki and then ask Greg for confirmation. I remember the Ben 10 allusion in "Infiltrator" and Savage's scars. But worse than that, I've seen torrents of questions taken directly from our "Unanswered questions" sections slammed into posts.

    First of all, that is not the purpose of our Young Justice Wiki:Questions project. We do it to keep track of plot keys, and ideally we would prefer to have them answered within the show, not by Greg.

    Secondly, when you post a wall of questions, that will likely prompt the so-called "smart-ass" replies Greg sometimes gives. And more often than not, very deservedly so. I w…

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  • Thailog

    Concerning leaks and promos

    February 24, 2012 by Thailog

    Just a general reminder about pre-airing episodes.

    From our spoilers policy:

    On Young Justice Wiki, spoilers are permitted after the episode or comics issue in question is released officially in at least one English-speaking country.

    In light of this:

    • Please do not add information to articles based on leaks and/or promos;
    • Please do not create pages for upcoming subjects before their debut episode airs;
    • Please do not upload pictures for upcoming episodes from leaks and/or promos.

    Thank you.

    To reiterate the aforementioned notice, and in light of the (reported) leaked episodes: do not add spoilers to any part of the site. This includes—but not limited to—articles, forums, blogs, and replies. Spoiling future episodes will be interpreted as trolling and …
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  • Thailog

    Links to digital comics

    February 11, 2012 by Thailog

    Links have been added to each comic issue page to a site where readers can purchase digital copies. Here's the general link. Hopefully this will encourage people to read the comics.

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  • Thailog

    I'd like to know how everyone sees the main page: with or without ads? I have all ads disabled, so when I rearrange the main page I do it in conformity with that, which means that there may be registered users who don't have ads disabled and therefore get a different look on the main page. The difference is substantially different, as the ad on the upper-right corner pushes the right column way down.

    So... how do you see it?

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  • Thailog

    Customized buttons

    January 7, 2012 by Thailog

    Four customized buttons have been added to the edit tool bar:

    • to warp text within ;
    • to insert a timestamp template;
    • to insert a Filebox template;
    • and to add the uncredited image tag.

    I just added those we use the most. I'm open to suggestions.

    Update: per Tupka217, I've added buttons for

    • Character;
    • Episode;
    • Comic
    • Organization infoboxes.

    Update: added:

    • to add a tag for episodic or comic references;
    • to add a tag for an Ask Greg answer.
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  • Thailog

    Appearances template update

    October 22, 2011 by Thailog

    Just so everyone knows, I've updated and to the template.

    Off course there will be exceptions like every Light member. Sidenotes can't be customized without making a much more complex coding and messing up the user-friendly version we have now.

    I'm not sure if it's worth adding "(illusion)" or "(dream)" to it.

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