• Rassilon of Old

    ] Warner Bros. has confirmed Young Justice will return for a third season.

    WB Animation cited the constant devotion of fans to the DC Comics series as reason for its renewal, saying in a statement “The affection that fans have had for Young Justice, and their rallying cry for more episodes, has always resonated with us,” said Sam Register, President, Warner Bros. Animation and Warner Digital Series, in a statement. "We are excited to bring the show back for this loyal fanbase and to provide an opportunity for new viewers to discover this excellent series.”

    In terms of the story for the third season, Warner Bros. promises “new twists, turns and dangerous new threats for the team, but most importantly, the opportunity for fans to finally continu…

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  • Thailog

    SDCC '14 Announcements

    July 27, 2014 by Thailog

    So, according to Twitter, the "Batman for All Seasons" panel announcements concerning Young Justice were:

    1. The Complete First Season Blu-ray, and
    2. a TTG crossover episode, which explains this.

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  • CrimsonShogun

    Just a bit of a heads up folks.... the FIRST SEASON OF YOUNG JUSTICE (as well as Green Lantern) has officially been released for streaming on NETFLIX.

    It isn't a third season for either, but it's great none the same that they're available. For those of you with Netflix, at least...

    YJ Link -

    GL Link -

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  • Thailog

    Young Justice Vol. 4: Invasion, the fourth and final trade paperback of the Young Justice spin-off comic series (comprising issues 20-25), is now available at comic book stores and hobby shops for $12.99. You can also buy it from (available from December 17).

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  • Psypher

    Little Orbit have announced that work on Young Justice: Legacy is complete. The game will be released on November 19th. Little Orbit also announced a Russian language version for Xbox360 and PS3.

    Young Justice producers Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti have both stated that good sales for the game are our best chance at getting the powers that be to consider more continuing the Young Justice property.

    Pre-order from

    In addition to the versions listed on amazon, a PC version is expected for sale on Steam.

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  • Psypher

    Just a friendly reminder that Young Justice: Invasion – Game of Illusions: Season 2 Part 2 and Young Justice: Music from the DC Comics Animated Television Series are both out now. Read what Greg Weisman has to say about the releases here.

    • Season 2 Part 2 @
    • Soundtrack @
    • Soundtrack @ - order early and you may get a copy signed by the composers.

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  • Psypher

    Little Orbit have officially released the full trailer for Young Justice: Legacy. The game comes out on September 10th for Microsoft X360, Sony PS3, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Wii-U, and PC.

    See it here on youtube.

    Pre-order Legacy at

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  • Zergrinch

    The Young Justice Legacy fan site on Facebook has just announced the first set of downloadable content for the upcoming game.

    The following characters, who are active team members at the beginning of Young Justice: Invasion will be available as individual extra characters or special combo characters on launch date:

    • Bumblebee
    • Lagoon Boy
    • Wonder Girl
    • Blue Beetle

    For more information and updates, check out the Young Justice Legacy Facebook page !

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  • Psypher

    A CD soundtrack covering both seasons of Young Justice will be released on July 16th (the same day as Young Justice: Invasion – Game of Illusions: Season 2 Part 2).

    Here's the blurb from

    La-La Land Pictures and Warner Bros. Entertainment present the original soundtrack to the Warner Bros. animated television series Young Justice, currently airing on Cartoon Network. Composers Lolita Ritmanis, Michael McCuistion & Kristopher Carter (Batman: The Brave And The Bold, Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, Teen Titans, Batman Beyond) fashion an exhilarating super hero score that is every bit as bold, fresh and exciting as this hit animated series. This compilation brings together must-have musical highlights of the show's first season, as well as the…
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  • Thailog

    Yesterday, Little Orbi announced the official release date for the full trailer of Young Justice: Legacy (May 25th, 10 am PST) and reported that the game is being evaluated now, so they made this request:

    For the next couple months please spread the word.
    What can you do?
    First, tell your friends, your family, and even strangers to come Like the Young Justice: Legacy Facebook page, so they can also get game updates as we release more information.
    Second, if you like the game then pre-order it.
    We need to send a message to video game retailers around the world that there's an audience for this game.

    This is important to let them know we want this game and more in the future. So, get to work!

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