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Qurac and Bialya

Qurac and Bialya.

Bialya is a country in the Middle East. Its capital is Al-Qawiya.[1]


Early history

Officially, Bialya is a constitutional monarchy, ruled by Queen Bee.[2] In reality, it's a militaristic dictatorship ruled with an iron fist. It has not signed the UN's Justice League charter, and Queen Bee uses its territory and military for her dealings with The Light.[3]


September 3, 4:49 EEST

The Light and their alien allies tested their new transportation system in the Bialyan desert by sending the New Genesphere through. Local scientists experimented with it, overseen by Psimon.[3]

September 4, 00:16 EEST

After the huge energy spike of the transport was detected by the Watchtower, the Team was sent to investigate. Psimon discovered them and took away their memories, and the Bialyan army was sent to capture them. The Team eventually managed to free the Sphere and make it to Qurac.[3]

November 22, 23:56 UTC+2

Queen Bee hatched a plot to incorporate Qurac in her realm. She sent Psimon to Dhabar to mind control Rumaan Harjavti into giving up his country, while she kept up the public image by keeping press conference about the reunification from her royal palace.[1]


February 20, 00:12 UTC+2

Queen Bee used a facility in the desert to store abducted teenagers from all over the world, and then ship them to a place where the Partner could use them. Miss Martian, Bumblebee, Batgirl, Wonder Girl stumbled on the facility when they were investigating boom tube activity, and saved the majority of the children. Queen Bee, however, had another shipment that came in after the heroes left.[4]

June 14, 05:19 UTC+2

A squad of Team and Justice League members assaulted the Bialyan temple base. Defeating its guards, they entered the ruined temple. Zatanna summoned the power of Isis and freed Blue Beetle and Green Beetle from Reach control, restoring the temple in the process.[5]

June 14, 20:16 UTC+2

At the temple, Queen Bee told her minions that she sympathized with them for having to throw the fight with the Team, but that it was necessary for the Light's plans to proceed.[5]



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