This is a list of answers to questions derived from the tie-in comic's story arc. These questions are taken directly from the issue guides.

This page contains spoilers pertaining to the tie-in issues of Young Justice. Read at your own risk.

Monkey Business (Issue 2)

Face Your Fears

  • Why didn't Flash want a young partner?
  • What "personal things" doesn't Miss Martian want everyone to know?


  • In "Secrets," Red Arrow claimed that according to Martian Manhunter, M'gann stowed away on his ship after a trip to Mars, and he did not know her before that. Why does she tell a different story to her teammates?

Rabbit Holes

  • What happened to the daughter Paula "lost" while she was in prison?

Cold Case

The Pit...

...And the Penalty

  • How can Clayface know of the relationships within the Team to go after each of them?

Under the Surface...

  • Who is Jim Lockhart, and why does he unwittingly obey T.O. Morrow?

...Here There be Monsters

Common Denominators

Monkey Business (Issue 18)

  • What does Grodd want from Miss Martian?

Players, Chapter One: Wheelbarrow, Shoe, Thimble

  • Who assigned Conner and Megan to cover the impeachment hearings in Qurac?

Players, Chapter Two: Directly to Jail

  • Why were those specific individuals abducted?

Players, Chapter Three: Landing on Boardwalk

  • Where is Kylstar taking the "weapons"?

Players, Chapter Four: Do Not Pass Go

  • Where were Batman and Robin and what were they investigating?

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