This is a list of answers to questions derived from the second season's story arc. These questions are taken directly from the episode guides.

This page contains spoilers pertaining to the second season of the Young Justice. Read at your own risk.

Happy New Year

  • Why are the Leaguers wanted criminals?
  • Who hired Lobo and why did he have to put on a show?



  • Who is the "Competitor"?
  • Who is the agent of the "Competitor" that the Kroloteans refer to?



  • Why does the Partner want human abductees?


  • Who were the aliens controlling Neutron?
  • What caused the future to turn out the way it did?


  • Why did Artemis leave with Aqualad at the end, and where did they go?


  • Where does Aqualad's allegiance truly lie?

Before the Dawn

  • Did the other abductees also acquire superhuman abilities?


True Colors

  • What does Vandal Savage mean when he says that the Reach's drink contains everything that they need the body to need?
  • What is the additive that the Reach is using and what does it do?
  • What is the alternative to removing the Scarab that Green Beetle referred to?
  • What does Lex Luthor have planned for the abductees?

The Fix

  • Was Green Beetle truly sincere in his volunteer "debrief" to Miss Martian?
  • Did Green Beetle really fix the Scarab to let Blue Beetle have full control with no problems?



  • What does the Reach plan to do with the key of the Warworld?


  • What did the Reach do with Mongul and the Team members who were captured?

The Hunt

  • What does the Light intend to do with the Warworld's crystal key?


  • Where is the Light headed with the Warworld and to what purpose?

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