Duk Trang's mansion in Annapolis.

Annapolis is a city in Maryland.


Early history

After the Vietnam was over, Duk Trang moved to the United States, eventually settling in a luxurious mansion on the outskirts of Annapolis.[1]


August 14, 00:32 EDT

The Team's investigation into the murder of Clement Lemar lead them to Duk Trang. From outside his mansion, Superboy sees another person with Trang, armed with a sword. Miss Martian went in to investigate under camouflage, and found Rako about to kill Trang. Rako was able to see M'gann with infrared glasses, and attacked her. Superboy burst in to defend her, but was shocked when Rako's blade was able to wound him.[1]

August 14, 00:38 EDT

The rest of the Team arrived to help fight Rako. They kept him occupied for a time, but he was able to throw a carpet over them all. Upon freeing themselves, they found Trang dead and Rako gone.[2]



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