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• 12/6/2018

New Hero Info?

Does anyone have any images for the rest of the league and the orginial team

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• 11/24/2018

Artemis Info Card?

Does anyone have an image of Artemis' info card from before season one premiered? I read somewhere that some info cards about the YJ characters were released shortly before the pilot, and I'm curious how they look like, especially Artemis'.

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• 11/15/2018

DC Universe Giveaway - Young Justice Contest

Hey, gang. Over on DC Database, we're giving away a 3-month subscriptions to the DC Universe service to three lucky winners. All you have to do is tell us why you're excited for Young Justice: Outsiders in the comments for your chance to win. Check it out!


Tell Us Why You're Excited for Young Justice: Outsiders and You Could Win a DC Universe Subscription
Tell Us Why You're Excited for Young Justice: Outsiders and You Could Win a DC Universe Subscription @getfandom
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• 8/16/2018


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• 5/2/2018

Season Two DVD

Hi all, Amazon is currently selling the Complete Season 2 Blu-Ray, and also the Complete Season 2 DVD. This wiki only has an article for the Blu-Ray, so does anyone know what the meaningful difference between the two is? Do they have the same bonus features (specifically the commentary on the season 2 finale with the creators? And is the DVD in HD or SD?
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• 2/23/2018


The images on the wiki
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• 1/12/2018

Pop ups

Whenever I’m on a page on my phone a pop up appears leading me away. Every time! I head back to page and it does it again! I have block pop ups on both on my phone settings and internet search settings. I’ve used Firefox, safari, and chrome and it still does this. It only happens on this website. I’m on my wits end.
Does anyone else have this problem? Is there someway to fix this?
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• 10/22/2017

new season

okay is it gonna be a continuation from the last seasons or are they starting a completely new...uhh whats the word...storyline! thats the word storyline bc when they show us the characters for Outsiders M'gann, Superboy, Kaldur, Zatanna, Artemis, and Lagoon Boy are not there... and at the end of season 2 i dont remember all of them saying "i quit"..unless my memory deceives me in which case nvm me then '':) ALSO WHY TF DID NETFLIX GET RID OF IT!?!?! I WENT TO REWATCH SEASONS 1&2 YESTERDAY AND THEY WERENT THERE AND HULU DOESNT HAVE IT EITHER!!!! HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO FANGIRL WHEN I CANT WATCH MY FRACKIN SHOW!
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• 9/23/2017

Jason Todd in YJ.

How do you think The Team reacted to Robin dying?
I wish it would give us something on that.
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• 9/23/2017

YJ soundtrack.

Where can I find a YJ soundtrack?
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• 7/1/2017

The Fix

Okay remember in the episode where M'gann fried Aqualad's brain[Not Literally]? I know Symbiose means "together" but what was the translation for "I'm alone"?
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• 6/25/2017

Old DC fan - New to the Young Justice Wiki

Hello! Are discussions taking place here?

I'm a regular in the DC wiki discussion forums and a hardcore Young Justice fan.

I would like to know which characters you would like to see in Young Justice Outsiders.
Mine are:
Red Hood
Captain Marvel Jr.
Match as Bizarro
Hank Henshaw
Captain Comet
...and the list goes on
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